The Club spread over an inner surface of about 800 s.m. split into two rooms and a large “Dehor” in glass overlooking the summer garden of 1300 s.m. fully equipped with a dance floor, three bars and privée areas.
It is open every night of the week (except Tuesday in winter season) from 22.30 to 05.00 am.
The DJ Console autonomous ensure a differentiated choice of music in different rooms of the premises as well as different privée.
The “ Dehor ” has an area dedicated to Restaurant (up to 00.00) and a table area for Shisha service.
Overall the winter season offers over 40 tables, as many as the garden in summer.
For entry at the Club there are different types of admissions and web exclusive formula of "HAPPY PRICE" .
An electronic ticket at a promotional price of 10 € for man and 1 € for Woman to be purchased at least 24 hours before event

To avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant arguments invite you to read the ADMISSION RULES that have applied to join the club


Old Fashion has two areas used as Privée in the indoor area and two in the garden.
Every area has available about fifteen tables for a total of 30 well in indoor and over 40 in the garden.
Depending on the arrangement of tables , the service includes a different charging ( premium bottle, minimum number of bottles, etc etc.) even the first price for bottle is always the same:
In the indoor area start from 200 € every 6/7 people and in the garden the first price start at 250 €  for the privée under  console Dj and € 200 for the front dance floor; always 6/7 ps maximum per table. I
n case of a higher number of guests up to a maximum of 10 people, will be applies the extra 20 € (25 € in summer) season per extra person.
Over 10 people triggered the requirement for a second bottle.
The service includes champagne, spirits and bottles of vintage wines.
You can book your table directly via the web and the balance will be paid directly at the club.
We remind you that table bookings are valid until 01.30 a.m. after which the tables will be assigned to others customers

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Contact us:

Tel : +39 028056231
WhatsApp : +39 3290118343
Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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