Old Fashion is open since 1933 and is the only venue in Italy to be recognized as a  Historical Shop  by  City of Milan and  Shop of historical importance  by  Lombardy Region . We weave relations of direct cooperation with  Ente Triennale residing in the same Palazzo dell'Arte in Milan which hosted the  exhibition EXPO 2015 Pavilion  in downtown .
The location  is on an internal surface of about 1000 s.m. with a summer season garden of over 1300 s.m., fully equipped with bar, dance dancing and outdoor area with adjoining restaurant for about 40 people.
The location within the same exhibition of Milan Triennale make our space extremely interesting for corporate events

Location :

The wide open spaces and their distribution divided into several rooms allow you to set up custom sets and choreography . Luminous multi-screen monitor in the garden as in the two inner rooms allow the visibility of your brand involved without necessarily having to cater to any external service.
All three consoles are equipped by audio sound system and WiFi microphones that allows speakers to feel at ease during conference and interview.
Old Fashion is available both for advertising events with entrance of the public ( sponsored evening ) and for exclusive events until 00.00
It's also available for press conferences in the afternoon, morning or evening.
Buffet service can be integrated and chosen among the many customized versions  from the aperitif to the Royal Buffet.

Buffet :

Buffet Company and / or presentation:
Especially recommended for large events and /or presentations. Rich choice of type of Buffet from reinforced aperitif till Grand Royal .
Sole right until 00.00 and custom fit.
Buffet can be achieved in the Gold room, First Hall of ocation or , in milder period, directly in Dehor opposite the park . In sole right nights   (Tuesday evening ) the Buffet can also be relocated in several rooms of the location.
Aperitif at the Packaging Tray on request .
Service for 350 ps max

Events :

Location is suitable as excellent venues for corporate events. The wide open spaces and their distribution into smaller rooms enable to set scenes and choreographies of great impact. Located on ground floor , it offers bright and comfortable spaces with breathtaking views of the Mysterious Baths Di Chirico, the colonnade of the Palace of Art and the beautiful green of Sempione Park
Buffet service can be integrated and chosen among the many customizable variations ranging from 'Bars reinforced to Royal Buffet.

Business dinner :

Business Dinner a la Carte :The classic restaurant service with a la carte menu.
Particularly suitable for small events with a limited number of diners.
Ability to customize the menu with tables and centerpieces.
Time from 08.00 p.m. to 00.00
Business Dinner with Driven menu:
Food service from a set menu for events of medium and large turn out.
Possibility of exclusive restaurant from 08.00 p.m. to 00.00 with a custom fit.
 Covered max.120



We are 

We take this opportunity to wish a warm welcome to all exhibitors and visitors from all parts of the World.
In may 2015 Old Fashion was recognized Expo Friends ,as per agreement with Italian Chamber of Commerce  and has joined  Pact for Expo, City of Milan . Is inserted as location in  My Events by Ente Fiera di Milano.
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Old Fashion is located in downtown , a few meters from Cadorna MM and behind  Castello Sforzesco.
The exit coming from Turin or Venice or Varese (AA North)is: Viale Certosa.
From Bologna or Parma: San Donato Milanese. In both cases follow the signs to downtown.

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Surf with on Virtual Tour and discover the details of Old Fashion like a location for your company .
You can watch the Gold room, Black room , Dehor and the Garden.
It's the best way to have a good idea about our location.

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Our offices are open from Monday to Friday, from 10: 00 a.m. to 5: 00 p.m. for info regarding corporate events Tel : +39 028056231
WhatsApp : +39 3290118343
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